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Creating Custom Comparator Metrics


From the top menu, choose Comparitor Metrics under Configuration.

Add a new comparator metric by clicking on Add New.

Type in the name of your new metric and choose whether you want this to be displayed by default when the Profile graph is first loaded.

Save the new metric by clicking on Save.

A single metric can have many different targets dependent upon what attributes are selected. For example, you could have a metric named Forecast but within this, you may have separate forecast figures for individual departments or sales team members.These are called metric groups. To create some metric groups in your new metric, click on the ellipsis button to enter edit mode for the metric.

The easiest way to create targets is to use the wizard which is accessed by clicking on the Wizard tab.

Click Start to start using the comparator metrics wizard.

Enter all the relevant details to your particular metric group. If your metric group has a different figure for every month, enter '1' in the value field and leave 'Is Total' unchecked.

Click Finish to save.

You should then get a confirmation message, telling you that your new metric group has been created. Click OK.

View your newly created group by clicking on the Groups tab.

Here you will see your new metric group displayed as one row in a table.

You can update some of the metric group's attributes directly from the table. Click on Update to save your edits.

To delete one or more of your metric groups, check the boxes by the rows you want to delete and click on Delete.

To edit your metric group, scroll to the right of the table and click on the ellipsis button.

If any edits are required, change values and/or dates and hit Update. If you entered '1' for your value earlier as a placeholder, this is where you enter all your monthly figures.

Other fields for this metric group can be edited from this screen too - remember to click the Update button directly above these fields in order to save your changes.

To add a new month to the metric group, click on New above the table.

Pick a month with the date picker and enter a value. You can add several months at once.

Click Save to save these new month rows.

Click Clear Search to show all months again.

To return back to your list of metric groups, click on the Comparitor Metric Groups breadcrumb.

You can create a new group with different atrributes under the same metric using the wizard again. Return to your list of Comparitor Metrics using the breadcrumb links or the top menu. You can then start the process again for a new type of metric.

For more help on using comparator metrics and how they can improve your business, get in touch with your account manager or contact us.

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