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As part of our commitment to our customers ProfileSIS is celebrating national customer service week by giving customers FREE System Configuration, Training and Data Entry, when purchasing ProfileSIS between the 5th and the 9th of October 2015.

At Profile we are passionate about our Customer’s Experiences. Whilst many other businesses only focus on customer service, there is a clear distinction between the two, and we know this makes a big difference!

So, what’s the difference?


A customer’s experience is about how a customer consciously and subconsciously sees his or her experience’. There are three elements relating to a customer’s experience: Rational, Emotional and Subconscious.

Rational: Rational elements of customer experience account for half of typical customer experiences; the rest is emotional. Rational experiences are things like how quickly online purchases are delivered, how long it takes someone to come and help you in a shop etc. While these are important factors in a customer’s experience, they only comprise part of the customer experience.

Emotional: The other half of the customer experience is made up of emotional elements. Everyone wants loyal customers. So who are we loyal to? The answer is almost always family and friends. Why? Because there is an emotional bond. A quick look at any customer complaint will easily demonstrate just how emotional customers can be, yet businesses tend to ignore this fact and concentrate their experience on the “What” rather than the “How”.

Subconscious: Subconscious experiences evoke emotions. Consider the following example:

Mobile phones attached to shelves by tethers in a Mobile phone retail outlet. While this may not register in our conscious mind, the subconscious message is clear; ”The retail outlet doesn’t trust you. They think you are going to steal their phones”.
Is this really the impression that they intend to give, or is it just that they haven’t thought through the implications of their actions, and the messages being sent?

So why is Customer Experience important?

The answer should be quite obvious. We are all customers and have had various experiences with the services provided by shops, hotels, car dealers etc. Perhaps the question should be: “how many experiences of bad customer service can you remember and what were the consequences of those experiences?”

Exceptional customer service is essential in maintaining the loyalty of customers and gaining new ones. Word of mouth and referrals are one of the most powerful tools in selling your services. If you have loyal customers, they will tell their friends, colleagues and families about your products and services – for free!! So what type of service do customers expect? Brilliant service. Why? Because, if they don’t get it, they will go and find it somewhere else!


1) Make it easy for the customer to do business with you

This is also known as Customer Effort. Simply put- the harder it is to do business with you, the less likely it is that a customer will want to. We keep things simple at Profile. We don’t overcomplicate things and only focus on delivering the best value for our customers in the most efficient way.

2) Be honest!

If we get something wrong we are completely transparent and honest about it. A critical element to having loyal customers is honesty. In the event of something going wrong, businesses try to protect themselves by avoiding telling the customer the truth.

Be honest with your customers, in many cases the worst has already happened!

3) Ensure you have the right expertise

Expertise helps your customers and they will come to you specifically to get it. Experts are passionate about their product or services and this will filter through as confidence to your customers. Customers are drawn to people who know their business and have a passion for it.

We are experts helping our customers to build a solid foundation for future sales success.

4) Get it right first time

Getting things right first time will reduce your customer’s effort. Focus on processes that allow this to happen, and root causes when it goes wrong. We focus on ‘moments of truth’; key points of interaction between us and out customers. We put all of our effort into ensuring during these ‘moments of truth’ we get it right first time, every time.

5) Have a personal touch

Adding a personal touch to a customer relationship will go a long way to building loyalty. It’s all about the human connection – your name remembered, your personal requirements remembered, having someone being genuinely interested in you and what you say. We take an interest in our customers as individuals and businesses. We don’t do business by procedure, or ‘standard responses’. Each interaction with our customers is personal.


6) Gain your customer trust

Gaining the trust of customers is critical to gaining loyalty. Trust is built and maintained by many small actions over time. Trust is the foundation of a customer relationship.

We gain our customers trust by following all of the above!

In Summary

All of these steps may seem like simple things but so often we forget these when dealing with customers. In the challenging market conditions great customer service can make you stand out and be the differentiator between you and your competitors.

At ProfileSIS we aim to take exceptional care of our customers at all times. They are more than just a customer to us, they our trusted business partner.


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