ProfileSIS Launches V1.08

Profile Releases V1.08

V1.08 of the ProfileSIS Sales Dashboard has been released! A range of exciting updates have been made as part of the new version as a result of suggestions and comments from current users.

We have listed a range of the key updates below..

Cross-compatibility Improvements

ProfileSIS is now compatible with all popular browsers and platforms including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Mac, PC, Android and iOS.

Universal Sorting & Filtering

Filters previously only available in the ‘Deals’ page are now also available in the ‘My Deals’ page.

ProfileSIS users can now search, sort and filter their own deals (My Deals) in the same way that they can with all deals, helping them focus only on what you want to see.

All relevant fields now show in ‘drilled’ view of deals

More fields such as risk values and deal refs are now available to see in tables after clicking on an element of the Profile pipeline graph. In this ‘drilled’ view, users can display all table headers, or just the ones they need with more toggle switches. 

Users can change the customer associated with a deal 

Sometimes there are situations where a new contractor takes over a job. Or perhaps the company you were dealing with goes bust.

Often in this situation the job will still need to be done and will just end up being done by another firm, meaning you will still be the supplier to the new firm. This is why we have now added a feature to allow our users to change the customer associated with a deal. This can only be done within the deal summary itself, to prevent accidental changes.

New ‘delay’ feature in deal Sales Cycle Update Wizard 

This feature moves all revenue phasing forward or back by an inputted number of months.

Things don’t always go to plan – projects get delayed or brought forward. With this in mind, we have added the feature to delay (positive number) or bring forward (negative number) by any number of months our users wish.

Add comments / notes beside deal and customer records

Perhaps you want your team members to know the status of a deal or have some additional relevant information regarding a customer – our users can now add notes to both customer and deal records to keep everyone in the loop.

Upload a document to be stored against a deal or customer record

When a short comment isn’t enough, our users can now attach a document against a deal or customer record, whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation, Word document or an image file.

In addition, there was also a range of bug fixes and user interface improvements to the system.

We hope you like our latest updates, and look forward to working with our clients and partners to continually develop the ProfileSIS Sales Dashboard to ensure our clients are able to make the most of their sales function.

If you have any queries on the latest updates, or would like to suggest any future updates to our system, please feel free to contact us at and a member of our team will get back to you.

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